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About Spottacus

Spottacus Cheetah is an inventor, entrepreneur, physician, biophysicist, and incurable romantic when in human form, and a cheetah or other felid when in true furry form. Best known mononymously as Spottacus, or even just Spotti.

He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is not happy when forced to appear without ears, tail, or when asked not to purr, growl, hiss, bite, pounce, waggle, or lick (inevitably, that leads to some drama).


Birth and Early Development

Born on a smoggy day in Southern California, Spottacus has been anthro since birth, slinky in the 90s, and is now furry too. Amazingly, he crawled on all fours well before he learned to walk upright and pretend to be human. He deeply worried his parents by continuing to purr and hiss well after "normal human children" ceased such activities, but his parents grew to accept his furriness, and his mom, sister, and niece have come to watch him at furcon fursuit parades, and his mom even has invited him to accompany her to her parties. 


Anthro Life

Spottacus is frequently seen in animal form, usually as a large spotticat. He didn't grow fur until late in life, but passed the "how furry are you?" test with 100% positive answers before he was 12. Spottacus' household includes three true feline spotticats, one of which is an African Serval. 

My Fursuits

Rawr Dragon


Delivery mid to late 2019, this suit features articulated, vented leather scales. Made by Zarathus Dragon (@staticcreature0) as an experimental art suit.

Stripeacus Tiger


Head by Drakonic Knight, body by BlueFox.

Heuler Wolf


Underground daemon wolf. Suit by Clockwork Creature, paws by Lance Ikegawa.

Spottacus Cheetah


Custom woven NFT stretch fur from a digital pattern, these spots are woven into the fabric on the loom, not dyed or sewn in. Suit by Lex Rudd of Primal Visions.

Toofs the Saber (Beastcub)


Part of a matching male and female pair of a sabertooth family. Made by Beastcub or Beastcub Creations.

Toofs the Saber (Clockwork)


A stretch fit fursuit with realistic head from Qarrezel of Clockwork Creature. The head won best of show at AC Art Show in 2011.

Older Fursuits

Spottacus Serval


Serval suit by Furtech (Lance Ikegawa).

Rainbow Dash


Suit by Atalon Deer.

Bzzzt Mosquito


Insect Suit by Temperance.

Gleam Eyes (SAO anime)


Made by a Moscow suitmaker, and based on SAO anime series "Gleam Eyes" monster.

Ozzy Ocelot


Suit by Midori Gator. Hand sewn spots.

Toofs Saber (Toony)


Toony version of Toofs Sabertooth. Head by Bambiboo.

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